24th April 2015


You may also be interested in this summary of active applications and how Councillors voted

NSC = North Somerset Council
YPC = Yatton Parish Council

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13 April Newsletter #30
5 March Application appeared online for a new medical practice at Smallway
1 Feb Application registered for Extra Care housing within the Bloor 2 development
30 Jan Open public meeting @ Horsecastle Chapel. Presentation (PDF; 71MB)
29 Jan [NEWS] Building on greenfield land at 25-year high The Times
18 Jan Newsletter #29
17 Jan [NEWS] Fresh plan to turn old rugby pitches into housing estate North Somerset Times
3 Jan Newsletter #28
3 Jan [NEWS] ‘Strategic policy conflict and landscape harm win out in tilted balance‘ Planning
2 Jan Stowey Road appeal dismissed. Decision
18 Dec Learned that Persimmon has submitted amended plans to build on land off Moor Road
14 Dec Newsletter #27
31 Oct – 2 Nov Stowey Road appeal inquiry. Closing statement by NSC
22 Oct Newsletter #26
9 Oct Advised that Bloor 2 Reserved Matters application (registered on 25 Sept) now online
30 Aug [NEWS] Housing developers will not catch up on backlog ‘any time soon’ North Somerset Times
23 Aug [NEWS] Destroying our rural character Letter to the North Somerset Times
16 Aug [NEWS] Developer ignores fears over 60 homes ‘harming’ Yatton North Somerset Times
31 July Proposal for a 100+ dwelling development on land at Rectory Farm in public domain
July Taylor Wimpey re-submitted application to build 60 houses on land off Stowey Road
29 June [NEWS] Government tells North Somerset Council to find more land for 2,500 new homes Bristol Post 
16-18 May Site Allocations Plan Examination. We made the case for the removal of the Moor Road site from the SAP
3 April Local residents receive notification of Stowey Road appeal. Taylor Wimpey’s grounds for appeal also put in public domain.
29 March Newsletter #25
24 March Draft version of Yatton Neighbourhood Development Plan out for consultation
10 Jan NSC adopt revised Core Strategy
24 Dec Newsletter #24
21 Dec [NEWS] Could new homes in Yatton harm area’s trees? Weston Mercury 
19 Dec Representatives from the North Somerset Villages Alliance – including from Yatton – meet NSC planners
12 Nov [NEWS] Inquiry decides fate of ‘important’ North Somerset fields Weston Mercury 
11 Nov [NEWS] North Somerset Council scales down Yatton homes plan Weston Mercury 
8-10 Nov Public inquiry to decide whether part of the Chestnut Drive site in Claverham should be registered as a village green
2 Nov [NEWS] Orchard should not be built on – protest group North Somerset Times
27 Oct [NEWS] Calls to protect ‘valued’ orchard as leader slams housing approach Weston Mercury 
26 Oct [NEWS] Why is Yatton only now unsuitable? Letter to the North Somerset Times
18 Oct Council Leader supports saving the orchard
Meeting of the NSC Executive. Minutes
15 Oct Newsletter #23
12 Oct [NEWS] Yatton spared further homes in JSP North Somerset Times
[NEWS] Council reveals its 20-year housing plan North Somerset Times
10 Oct [NEWS] Countryside housing alliance pledges to ‘monitor’ North Somerset Council’s actions Weston Mercury 
28 Sept NMD meeting with Cllr Nigel Ashton (Leader of NSC), and Cllr Jill Iles
21 Sept Newsletter #22
20 Sept [NEWS] Planning website slated as North Somerset Council says ‘keep trying’ Weston Mercury 
16 Sept [NEWS] Mendip Vale medical centre site confirmed despite ‘anxiety’ Weston Mercury 
15 Sept [NEWS] Date confirmed for Congresbury housing appeal Weston Mercury 
15 Sept [NEWS] Village’s “shock” at changes to bus services Weston Mercury 
13 Sept We questioned Cllr Nigel Ashton on BBC Radio Bristol
5 Sept [NEWS] Housing plan for Yatton is rejected by North Somerset Council North Somerset Times
30 Aug Gladman withdraw their application for land off Chestnut Drive in Claverham
23 Aug NSC refuse Taylor Wimpey application for land off Stowey Road
25 July NSC publish proposed Main Modifications to remitted policy CS32 (and others). Closing date for comments: 5 Sept
16 July [NEWS] Council gears up to defend housing appeals Weston Mercury 
14 July Email exchange with Dr Liam Fox MP
5 July Avonside CPRE hosted Shaun Spiers, CEO of the Campaign to Protect Rural England at a meeting held at Flax Bourton. Listen to Shaun’s talk
22 June [NEWS] Council’s fears over ‘unnecessary’ housing North Somerset Times
10 June Newsletter #21
8 June [NEWS] Parish Council to fund study? North Somerset Times
7 June YPC Planning Committee agrees to recommend refusal of the Persimmon application
Mike Jackson (NSC) response to Liam Fox’s letter (see 20 May)
5 June [NEWS] Parish to fund housing assessment? Weston Mercury 
1 June [NEWS] MP criticises council over new housing North Somerset Times
[NEWS] ‘Fury’ spurs on campaigners North Somerset Times
St Modwen deliver leaflet to residents near to the proposed 200-home development off the B3133 in Kenn.
31 May Response received from NSC to FOI request
26 May Open public meeting held @ Horsecastle Chapel.
Steve’s presentation (PDF, 6 MB)
Rhiannon’s presentation (PDF, 2 MB)
[NEWS] MP fights housing proposals Weston Mercury 
25 May [NEWS] Councillor defends record over Yatton housing plans North Somerset Times
[NEWS] MP’s housing appeal rejected re Venus Street, Congresbury North Somerset Times
23 May Newsletter #20
20 May Dr Liam Fox MP letter to Mike Jackson @ NSC
Government writes to Dr Liam Fox MP announcing it will not call in NSC’s decision to grant outline permissions to Hallam and Bloor Homes. Liam Fox’s letter to YPC.
[NEWS] North Somerset Council reveals plans for unspent £13million Weston Mercury. See 16 May
18 May [NEWS] Council refusal to conduct study into impact of hundreds of homes is ‘slap in face for villagers’ Bristol Post
17 May NMD statement on NSC’s refusal to carry out a cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment. Also sent as Newsletter #19
16 May YPC planning committee vote unanimously to recommend refusal of the Persimmon application for land off Moor Road.
[NEWS] Flash floods hit village High Street after rain North Somerset Times
[NEWS] £13m ‘sat’ in council coffers Weston Mercury 
13 May Letter from North Somerset Council… refusing to conduct a cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment
10 May Inaugural meeting of an alliance of action groups in North Somerset. Churchill, Claverham, Congresbury, Langford, Sanford, Wrington all represented… as well as Yatton. Report
4 May [NEWS] Villagers lobby council for action after ‘decisive’ parish poll victory North Somerset Times
29 April Freedom of Information (FOI) request submitted to NSC re pre-application advice provided to Persimmon. NSC will respond by 31 May
28 April End of Site Allocations Plan consultation
[NEWS] Councillor criticised over housing row Weston Mercury
26 April YPC letter to Dr Liam Fox MP, requesting that the Hallam and Bloor 2 planning permissions (9 March) be ‘called in’
25 April YPC Planning Committee met to consider the Parish Poll result, and the Parish Council’s response to the poll and Site Allocations Plan. Minutes.
22 April Viv Tomkinson letter to Cllr Elfan Ap Rees
21 April NMD letter to NSC following Parish Poll
20 April Case file for Persimmon application to develop land off Moor Road appears online
[NEWS] Parish poll vote calls for action over housing plans North Somerset Times
14 April Parish Poll. 1,360 (98.6%) voted YES. Declaration of Result
7 April [NEWS] Council’s alleged ‘maladministration’ over housing decisions Weston Mercury
6 April [NEWS] Village ‘held hostage’ for Government cash Richard Westwood’s letter to the North Somerset Times
5 April Newsletter #18
31 March [NEWS] Parish poll declared after anger among Yatton villagers Weston Mercury
30 March [NEWS] Villagers take to the polls over ‘unacceptable’ housing North Somerset Times
24 March [NEWS] Village’s future under scrutiny Weston Mercury
22 March BBC R4 The Life Scientific on the consequences of building on flood plains 
21 March Unanimous public vote at Annual Parish Meeting for this question to be put at a Parish Poll. See draft minutes
Planning application submitted by Persimmon to develop land off Moor Road. Case file did not appear online until 20 April
18 March Newsletter #17
17 March Misleading statement from Barton Willmore on approved Bloor developments
16 March [NEWS] Views of the Editor, Tom Wright on the Site Allocations Plan consultation
14 March YPC adopted recommendations of the Yatton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
10 March Start of 7-week consultation period on the draft Site Allocations Plan (to 28 April)
9 March NSC Planning & Regulatory Committee approve HallamBloor 2, and the proposed 5-arm roundabout at Arnold’s Way. We presented this statement to the Committee. Also, listen to Tom Leimdorfer’s intervention
1 March Members of NSC Planning & Regulatory Committee make a site visit to North End
[NEWS] Developers accused of restricting supply of new homes to boost profits The Guardian
19 Feb [NEWS] Controversial Yatton homes plan is deferred North Somerset Times
18 Feb [NEWS] ‘Important’ housing decision postponed Weston Mercury
10 Feb NSC Planning & Regulatory Committee defers consideration of the Hallam application until 9 March. We presented this statement to the Committee.
9 Feb Newsletter #16
2 Feb Newsletter #15
30 Dec [NEWS] Revealed: housebuilders sitting on 600,000 plots of land The Guardian
7 Dec Joint meeting of North Somerset Parishes affected by speculative development, chaired by ALCA. Council officers Richard Kent (Head of Development Management), and Michael Reep (Planning Policy Manager) were in attendance.
3 Dec Yatton RFC EGM regarding the future location of the Club. Relevant to Persimmon
30 Nov Barratt Homes appeal dismissed. See 6-9 October
28 Nov [NEWS] Plea for united homes fight Weston Mercury
24 Nov [NEWS] Setback for rugby club’s pitch move Weston Mercury
[NEWS] Development decision expected ‘before Christmas’ – council North Somerset Times
[NEWS] Clevedon to lose thousands in new levy deal North Somerset Times
9 Nov [NEWS] Residents fears after news more homes are planned for green fields in Congresbury North Somerset Mercury
4 Nov [NEWS] Villages across North Somerset identified as locations for hundreds of new homes in regional plan North Somerset Mercury
2 Nov [NEWS] First Yatton housing phase approved North Somerset Times
26 Oct YPC planning committee considered the s106 request for the Taylor Wimpey Stowey Road development
23 Oct Barratt Homes appeal hearing reconvened for an extra day
21 Oct NSC grants planning permission for Bloor 1 development, now being advertised as “Chestnut Park
20 Oct NSC received Executive approval to consult on changes to the remaining remitted policies of the Core Strategy, following the decision by the Secretary of State on Policy CS13 [draft minute– see 23 Sept 
18 Oct [NEWS] Ladder firm site could be sold for homes Weston Mercury
17 Oct Meeting with Dr Liam Fox MP
15 Oct Residents who complained about Bloor hoarding and flags – see 30 Sept – receive letters of acknowledgement from NSC
13 Oct Government publish Planning & Housing Bill
10 Oct [NEWS] Barratt’s Public Enquiry: The Story So Far John Mills
8 Oct [NEWS] ‘Isolated’ housing plan to be heard at appeal North Somerset Times
6-9 Oct Barratt Homes appeal hearing against NSC’s rejection of its plans to build 80 homes off Brinsea Road @ Town Hall, W-s-M. View evidence
1 Oct [NEWS] House ruling ‘a mockery’ of local views Weston Mercury
30 Sept Bloor Homes erect an advertising hoarding on the site of Bloor 1, for which they later apply for retrospective planning permission
28 Sept Following a presentation by two representatives of Taylor Wimpey, YPC planning committee considered TW’s Stowey Road application and recommended refusal
Newsletter #14
25 Sept Heated Twitter exchanges between Council Deputy Leader and Government Minister
NMD statement on the housing target
23 Sept NSC reacts to the Secretary of State’s decision regarding the ‘housing requirement’ for North Somerset – see 7 Sept, 19 July, and 17 March
18 Sept Newsletter #13
9 Sept [NEWS] Villages across North Somerset could become giant car parks if plans for new homes go ahead North Somerset Mercury
7 Sept Dr Liam Fox MP, John Penrose MP, Leader and Chief Exec of NSC met with Housing Minister in London. “Still no clarity in relation to housing numbers and no timetable for a decision on policy CS13.” – Minute EXE36
4 Sept [NEWS] Sixty homes in green fields? North Somerset Times
[NEWS] Building homes would be ‘hell’ for villagers Weston Mercury
1 Sept [NEWS] Developer accused of ‘ignoring’ village Weston Mercury
28 Aug [NEWS] Housing development a ‘threat’ to bats? Weston Mercury
26 Aug [NEWS] Strict housing rules needed to stop developers ‘land banking’ Weston Mercury
24 Aug YPC planning committee considered the revised Gladman application, and agreed to recommend refusal. [Minutes]
22 Aug [NEWS] Village ‘besieged’ by new homes receives public inquiry boost North Somerset Times
14 Aug [NEWS] Mixed reaction to council planning freeze North Somerset Times
12 Aug Taylor Wimpey submit outline planning application to build 60 homes on land off Stowey Road
10 Aug [NEWS] ‘Worthless’ data leads to ‘intolerable’ homes plan Weston Mercury
8 Aug Newsletter #12
7 Aug [NEWS] Developer’s ‘crass’ advert for more than 80 village homes Weston Mercury
5 Aug [NEWS] Major building work on hold until Government makes decision on North Somerset’s housing target Bristol Post
3 Aug YPC planning committee considered Bloor 1 Reserved Matters and Bloor 2 applications
30 July Alerted to this page on the Persimmon website, which asks people to ‘register their interest’ about the Moor Road development “launching in January 2016”. No planning application has been received by NSC
29 July [NEWS] Yatton to face a ‘huge hit’ when housing numbers are decided North Somerset Times
28 July Newsletter #11
23 July [NEWS] Area in ‘limbo’ over homes Weston Mercury
22 July [NEWS] Villagers hold talks on raft of developments North Somerset Mercury
20 July Open Public Meeting called by YPC held @ Hangstones. Presentation [PDF] on status of housing development plans
19 July Newsletter #10
Greg Clark writes to Leader of the Council, Cllr Nigel Ashton about consideration of Policy CS13 Housing Requirement
17 July [NEWS] Wildlife campaigners fear Yatton’s rare bats will be put at risk from 850 new homes North Somerset Mercury
16 July [NEWS] Housing group launches manifesto Weston Mercury
[NEWS] Plans to build 200 homes near M5 North Somerset Times
15 July [NEWS] Council faces delay for ruling on new housing North Somerset Mercury
14 July [NEWS] Councils to expose developers’ ‘murky’ viability claims to increase cheap homes The Guardian
10 July Newsletter #9
9 July [NEWS] George Osborne to force councils to build homes in overhaul of the planning system Daily Telegraph
3 July YPC planning committee considered latest Redrow plans and voted 6-3 to approve them, with conditions. See minutes
Newsletter #8
30 June Bloor Phase 2 Outline Planning application put online
Bloor Phase 1 Reserved Matters application put online
[NEWS] Quarter of a million homes granted planning permission GOV.UK
26 June Newsletter #7
19 June Newsletter #6
18 June [NEWS] District in ‘state of flux’ over housing Weston Mercury
[NEWS] Strong council resolve needed – campaigners North Somerset Times
17 June Parish Forum [view NSC presentation]
15 June Report of Cllr Jill Iles comments shared at YPC planning meeting
12 June Newsletter #5
10 June [NEWS] Developer reveals its plan for 200 homes on village outskirts North Somerset Times
Yatton RFC released this statement regarding the location of the Junior pitches. Relevant to Persimmon
9 June BBC File on 4 investigation into housing need, planning and protecting the green belt. Read our summary and listen to the podcast
5 June Taylor Wimpey host ‘public exhibition’ about their plans to develop land off Stowey Road. Over 200 people attend
YPC informs NSC that it “unanimously and very strongly” recommends refusal of the Hallam ‘duplicate’ application
Newsletter #4
4 June [NEWS] ‘Spaghetti Junction’ looms for village Weston Mercury
[NEWS] Government verdict due by end of June Weston Mercury
2 June Update received from Dr Liam Fox MP
1 June At its AGM, YPC agreed as a priority: “a strategic approach to major housing development”
30 May Bloor 2 concept plans delivered to addresses in North End
29 May Newsletter #3
27 May [NEWS] Yatton’s housing crisis “bonkers” – protesters North Somerset Times
26 May YPC planning committee considered – and opposed – the duplicate Hallam application. [Minutes]
Redrow submit new and revised planning application to build 55 homes on the site currently occupied by Oxford Instruments
22 May Meeting with Dr Liam Fox MP
Newsletter #2
21 May [NEWS] Village facing seven housing estates North Somerset Times
Watchdog investigated house-builders, Persimmon
19 May Cllr Jill Iles appointed Vice-Chair of Planning & Regulatory Committee
18 May Taylor Wimpey advises YPC it will submit a planning application to build on land off Stowey Road “towards the end of June.”
14 May Newsletter #1
[NEWS] Yatton residents fight new plans for 83 homes on ancient orchard site North Somerset Mercury
11 May Residents living near Yatton station received details about Newland’s plans through their letterboxes
7/8 May Council elections: Jill Iles (CON) and Judith Hadley (CON) elected in Yatton ward
6 May [NEWS] Planning blueprint will shape the future of Yatton and Claverham North Somerset Mercury
[NEWS] Two villages have been given permission to draw up a neighbourhood plan Weston Mercury
29 April Public meeting called by NMD @ Horsecastle Chapel
[NEWS] New primary school and 200 homes proposed Weston Mercury
24 April NSC agrees to the area designations for both Yatton and Claverham Neighbourhood Plans
23 April [NEWS] Fresh calls for Yatton bypass to solve traffic chaos Bristol Post. See Traffic
22 April Hallam submit a duplicate application for land off Arnold’s Way
16 April Formal request for a ‘screening opinion’ on Bloor 2
6 April [NEWS] Developer reveals plan for 83 new houses Weston Mercury
31 March [NEWS] Secretary of State to review decision over housing numbers in North Somerset’s Core Strategy Bristol Post
Government to intervene on North Somerset housing numbers
20 March [NEWS] CPRE: Standing up for local communities and the countryside in North Somerset
17 March NSC take the unprecedented step of writing to the Secretary of State, formally requesting that he intervenes in the decision made by the planning inspector in his re-examination of the Core Strategy
24 Feb [NEWS] Deputy Leader warns ‘ speculative’ developers North Somerset Times
23 Feb YPC communicates its opposition to the Gladman plans to NSC
16 Feb YPC planning committee considers and rejects the Gladman plans
23 Jan Gladman submit a planning application to develop land north of Chestnut Drive in Claverham
19 Jan YPC agreed to start work on Neighbourhood Development Plans for both Yatton and Claverham
15 Dec In parliament, Dr Liam Fox MP raises the issue of the “total fiasco around housing needs in North Somerset”
YPC approve and adopt the Housing Strategy for the Parish of Yatton – although this “does not have any binding effect” and is not a formal planning document
1 Dec YPC recommend “unanimously” not supporting a proposed 5-arm arm roundabout at the junction of Arnolds Way and North End Road
7 Nov [NEWS] New homes could mean village has to become town Bristol Post
6 Nov [NEWS] New homes plan dealt a blow Weston Mercury
27 Oct YPC planning meeting – including a presentation by Hallam. [Minutes]
17 Sept YPC meeting with three North Somerset Council Highways Officers at which it was stated that a five arm roundabout (at Arnolds Way / North End) would not be allowed
11 Sept Hallam submit original application for land off Arnold’s Way
20 July [NEWS] Homes for village outskirts Weston Mercury
11 July Hallam host ‘public exhibition’ at Yatton Village Hall. According to Hallam, this was attended by 33 people.
9 July Bloor Homes secure outline planning permission from NSC
Factsheet on the Hallam plans delivered to some addresses door-to-door
June Members of YPC met with Network Rail and their selected developer Newland Homes to discuss outline proposals for the former Jewson’s site at Yatton station
27 May [NEWS] Bristol University legal victory threatens green belt future Western Daily Press
April Planning inspector Roland Punshon informs NSC that its proposed Policy CS13, which suggested a housing requirement of 17,130 new homes by 2026, was not “sound or compliant with national guidance”
12 Feb Presentation by Bloor at YPC planning committee. Councillors “unanimously and strongly” recommend not supporting the application
14 Jan Bloor Homes submit a planning application for a site off Arnold’s Way
March 2013 NSC ordered by the High Court to have a number of elements of its Core Strategy re-examined following a challenge from the University of Bristol


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