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  • Steve
    They look great.
    One slight concern is that of fly posting. We wil have to see if anyone in authority raises the issue.

  • could we put things up around the fences of the station car park /strawberry line ? I’m sure the people who regularly use the car park and Strawberry line wouldn’t be impressed with the housing developments !

  • Fly posting is not a good idea. You don’t know who may be against a campaign to protest about development. It’s not just the local authority to worry about. More worrying are the developers, landowners and others with vested interests who want the developments.

  • A big thank you to everyone who got involved delivering leaflets to Yatton homes.
    The universal comment from people we met was No Housing Without Infrastructure in Place.

  • Fantastic job, Jean (and Bob!). Leaflets mission accomplished!

    The posters are err… very visible down North End in particular :)

  • Hi , thanks for the poster downloads!! lots of posters everywhere!! great !!
    haven’t seen many in the cars yet?

  • I have seen a number of posters near the Yatton station. I have read the blogs posted above. I can understand that a number of people do not want this development to take place. Myself, I do not understand why there is a problem in this development taking place. More houses are required all over the UK. Do you have any views where these should be built? Thanks Dave

  • Hi Dave – thanks for commenting. You won’t be alone in thinking that, and I respect those views. The fact is, I am not personally against new housing. It is necessary, and desirable. The Redrow development on the site of Oxford Instruments will go ahead. There are other small-scale brown-field sites dotted around the village, too. The Redrow site on its own should account for more than Yatton’s allocation as a ‘Service Village’, and 700+ new houses in Yatton (with currently 3,000+ households) is grossly disproportionate. There have been very few infrastructural improvements in Yatton since the 1970s, and most of the proposed new developments are ‘speculative’ to say the least – primarily on greenfield sites which the developers perceive as being easy targets. The response from people we speak with has been truly overwhelmingly in agreement.

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