2nd June 2015

Get in touch

We are a large and diverse group of concerned and committed Yatton residents who want to save our village from unsustainable development.


4 thoughts on “Get in touch

  • Hope that someone had the foresight to photograph the huge backlog of traffic through Yatton on Saturday 2nd April 2016, presumably due to the accident between junctions 20 & 21 on the M5. The traffic had built up before even reaching North End and l assume continued to the A370 junction.
    Surely indicative that the current road infrastructure is severely compromised already and would be unsustainable if all the proposed housing developments were built!

  • Hi Steve, good meeting Thursday – tried to object to Persimmon on line via NSC website and get internal error so have had to email Lee Bowering direct – just a thought others may have same difficulties

    • Thanks, David… and yes, the online case files are often ‘down’ at the weekend. We’ve mentioned this to NSC several times. If you’ve emailed Lee, your objection should make it online eventually (although you may have received an ‘out of office’ reply from Lee).

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