8th May 2015

Land at Yatton station

Status (as at April 2016): “Land in ownership of Network Rail, who have been through the pre-application process with application 14/P/1379/PRE for 27 units.
Site proposed to be allocated for residential subject to no net loss of station car parking, which can be achieved with the lower dwelling number of 21. No constraints to delivering this mixed use site that cannot be mitigated against, delivery assessed as within 5 years.
” – North Somerset Council

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We had expected Newland to submit a planning application in 2015 – but the plans never progressed after the developer claimed it was not viable.

  • 1 May 2015: some nearby residents received these plans through their letterboxes. The details also appear on this page on the Newland website.
  • Network Rail previously courted Newland Homes to develop the brownfield site at the south side of Yatton Railway Station for housing.


A document from the Office of Rail Regulation dated 13 April 2015 notes that car parking would increase “incrementally” from 99 spaces to 148, presumably following a re-modelling of Station Approach.


yatton-station-12052015-1 2

Photos: Sarah Hanby; 12 May 2015


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2 thoughts on “Land at Yatton station

  • I can’t help but think that of all of the developments planned for the village, this would actually be of benefit. New housing is simply required, and we shouldn’t be drawn into Nimbyism.

    The area they are redeveloping is of no value at the moment, and the whole area (car parking and train station facilities) would be improved – all for a relatively modest number of homes (all of which are desperately needed).

    Also, if we all attack every single proposal, then it dilutes the effect of the voice of the people of the village. By accepting the ones that we can live with and focussing efforts on the ones we cannot, our voice would be far more effective.

    • Hi Matthew… we absolutely do not oppose every proposal. Oxford Instruments will be a reality and as brownfield… is sensible. Appropriate housing on the Titan Ladders site would be welcome, too (although I, personally would have preferred a new surgery). There is land at North End inside the current settlement boundary that I would not oppose as access would be onto the main road. So many plans are inappropriate however. Also… existing permissions need to be built out, and appropriate infrastructure needs to be in=step with housing development, too.

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