17th May 2016


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16/P/0888/F Full planning application for a residential development of 83 dwellings with supporting infrastructure and enabling works including new vehicular access with Moor Road, public open space landscaping and drainage infrastructure on Land off Moor Road Yatton

You can also email your objections to the Case Officer – Lee Bowering – and these will eventually get added to the to the online case file. Email: Lee.Bowering@n-somerset.gov.uk

Additional traffic to an already overstretched highways infrastructure

Proposed Site Entrance

The proposed site entrance is on Moor Road, a cul-de-sac, with access for 15 homes. It is a narrow, unlit country lane – with no pavement. It is used by horse riders, dog walkers and cyclists.

Based on the ‘rule of thumb’ of six transport movements a day per home Moor Road has 90 traffic movements a day to and from the junction with Kenn Moor Road. If the application for 83 homes were approved, the number of vehicle movements would increase from 90 to 588 – a 553% increase.

Turning left (north) towards Clevedon the road immediately narrows from 18ft to 16ft at the stone bridge over Stowey Rhyne. Also at this point the speed limit changes 30mph to 60mph. Turning right (south) you enter the single carriageway of Kenn Moor Road, the eastern side is used as a car park for Yatton Station. The increased traffic resulting from this development at this already difficult junction would contravene North Somerset Local Plan Policy T10.

Highway Safety Kenn Moor Road

  • Kenn Moor Road narrows from 18ft to 16ft at the current site entrance
  • Speed limit changes from 30 mph to 60mph at the site entrance
  • Introduction of double yellow lines under NSC MOS2013 has resulted in cars parking opposite the entrance to Moor Rd & the proposed site entrance
  • Kenn Moor Rd has become is a single carriageway due to commuter parking for Yatton Railway Station
  • Vehicles use the pavement to pass parked cars


  • Site described as remote from the village centre by NS Principal Planning Officer following a consultation for affordable housing in 2010. Residents are very likely to drive into Yatton
  • A Speedwatch in Yatton High St recorded 800 vehicles per hour between 8am – 9am without any of the proposed development
  • Village becomes gridlocked when M5 has traffic problems
  • Increased traffic congestion on Yatton High Street
  • Increased risk to pedestrian safety on Yatton High Street
  • Narrow pavements
  • The High Street is a bottle neck which cannot be widened
  • Increased traffic on narrow country roads
  • Increased pollution