17th May 2016


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16/P/0888/F Full planning application for a residential development of 83 dwellings with supporting infrastructure and enabling works including new vehicular access with Moor Road, public open space landscaping and drainage infrastructure on Land off Moor Road Yatton

You can also email your objections to the Case Officer – Lee Bowering – and these will eventually get added to the to the online case file. Email: Lee.Bowering@n-somerset.gov.uk


Yatton takes great care of its local wildlife – especially through groups like the long-established Yatton and Congresbury Wildlife Action Group (YACWAG).

The Orchard, its fruit trees and old hedgerows support a wide diversity of ecology and wildlife. A rare Orchard Tooth Fungus – sarcodontia crocea – believed to be the first case in North Somerset has been identified on one of the trees.

Persimmon’s own documents say that bat surveys identified at least 10 species of bats within the site – including the Greater horseshoe. That is more than half of the 17 species known to breed in the UK. Persimmon say that “no roosts are present although several were identified within buildings adjacent to the site boundary”.

North Somerset is recognised as a particularly suitable habitat for bats.

All bats and their roosts are protected by UK and European law.

Sample letter of objection – bats

The planned access to a new site is only a few feet from the Kenn Moor Nature Reserve – a nationally designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).