17th May 2016

Drainage and flood risk

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16/P/0888/F Full planning application for a residential development of 83 dwellings with supporting infrastructure and enabling works including new vehicular access with Moor Road, public open space landscaping and drainage infrastructure on Land off Moor Road Yatton

You can also email your objections to the Case Officer – Lee Bowering – and these will eventually get added to the to the online case file. Email: Lee.Bowering@n-somerset.gov.uk

Yatton was established as a settlement on the highest point of the floodplain. Existing houses are, in some parts of the village, already on the very edge of the floodplain.

The NE area of the Moor Road site is described as a flood plain by the Environment Agency. Building on this land could result in an increased flood risk to nearby properties and is a disaster waiting to happen.

Before Persimmon submitted its application in March, Yatton resident, Nicholas Ogborne prepared a very comprehensive Flooding Risk & Drainage report (April 2015). He has also more recently reviewed the Flood Risk Assessment undertaken on behalf of Persimmon by Callidus.

Section 10 of the Council’s own report into the 2012 North Somerset Floods details the flooding and sewerage problems in Yatton.


We know of residents who live very close to the site who are already facing higher insurance premiums.

Yatton Flood Map for Planning-700
Yatton Flood Map for Planning (PDF)