26th June 2015

Highways Dept summary

Howard Davies in the NSC Highways Dept has commented on the Hallam plans.

Our summary:

  • Despite detailing a number of concerns, the Highways Dept conclude:

“subject to conditions and S106 obligations there is no highway objection to the application.”

  • The comments mention Bloor 1 in the context of the roundabout and site access… but it is not taken into account elsewhere – i.e. the report does not take account of what the aggregate impact might be of the Bloor (1 & 2) and Hallam developments on traffic flows, etc.
  • The comments detail what Hallam’s ‘highways’ S106 contributions might be – approx. £261,000 – relating to road safety provisions, footpaths, road signage, promotion of non-car transport, etc.

Selected excerpts from the memo (with our emphasis)

“This is an outline application so all matters except for access are reserved for subsequent approval”

“The levels of car parking are a reserved matter, and therefore have not been considered as part of this outline application but any subsequent full application will be required to comply with policy CS11 of the Core Strategy.”

“Yatton High Street is a sensitive part of the highway network which experiences high levels of through-traffic, and is prone to traffic queues and delays. The impact of this additional traffic on the already sensitive High Street is likely to be disproportionately large.”

“I am content that the addition of a new [fifth] arm on this roundabout, and the increase of traffic from the proposed development will not adversely affect the operation of this roundabout.”

“The applicant will be required to enter into a S106 agreement for the delivery of the 5-arm roundabout… the cost of which is to be met in it’s entirety by the developer and delivered prior to development works commencing on site.”

“I am concerned that the current proposed access proposals do not adequately provide for safe pedestrian and cycle crossing movements across North End Road. This will be particularly significant should the Bloor proposals be granted planning permission as children/vulnerable users from this application site will need to cross North End Road to access school provision and the Strawberry Line traffic-free path within the Bloor site. This must be stipulated and secured through the S106 agreement.”

“It is understood that the applicant is in discussion with Bloor/neighbouring developer, to ensure that only one set of access works is undertaken at the North End Road/Arnold’s Way roundabout to minimise network disruption and to avoid abortive works.”

“The development is predicted to increase the level of traffic through the centre of Yatton by 5.5% in the morning peak, and 5.7% in the evening peak.”

“Considering the constrained nature of the Highway in this location, it is considered that this level of additional traffic can be considered material and mitigation measures will therefore be sought through S106 agreement. This additional traffic and transport activity will be concentrated on the local highway network in the centre of Yatton including North End Road and High Street. There are existing pinch points and conflicts on this section of highway, which are compounded by demand for on-street parking in the area, bus stopping arrangements and proximity of key destinations and junctions. Highways therefore require a contribution of £165,293 to be provided to address congestion within the centre of Yatton, as well as provide traffic management measures and environmental enhancements for non-motorised user access.”

“In order to mitigate the impact of the additional vehicular traffic associated with the proposed development… NSC Highways seeks developer funding towards a cycle/pedestrian link between the development site and the Strawberry Line at Yatton train station. This is to promote non-car travel within Yatton (and further afield) and provide the necessary infrastructure to support this level of additional cycle/pedestrian demand. A contribution of £68,182 will be required through S106 agreement.”

“Highways will be seeking a contribution towards sustainable travel measures including bus ‘taster tickets’ of £120 for each dwelling (total £20,400) to encourage travel by sustainable modes, and reduce the reliance on private vehicles.”

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