8th May 2015

Hallam, land off Arnolds Way

Current status (as at March 2017)Granted outline planning permission on 9 March 2016 “subject to finalising legal agreement, which has already been drafted in full by the applicant. Planning Statement submitted with the application confirms intention to deliver site as soon as possible, in full, within three years of securing consent.” – North Somerset Council

Planning application no. 14/P/2017/O and 15/P/0946/O


Hallam Land Management (part of the Henry Boot Group of companies) would like to build up to 170 houses on a site on the opposite side of the North End/Arnolds Way roundabout to the Bloor 1 development.


Hallam appear to have lost patience over the (necessarily) protracted negotiations over Section 106, re-modelling of the roundabout, etc. – and have put in a ‘duplicate’ application for the same site. They may be pre-empting a possible refusal and preparing an appeal – hence a new application – which sets the clock ticking once more.

We note that the case officer (Lee Bowering) writes…

It is unclear as to why the applicant has submitted a duplicate application…

Yet the Council seem obliged to consider this duplicate application as if it was an entirely new application. This is a waste of our money.

The planning committee of Yatton Parish Council considered – and opposed – the first application on 27 October 2014. See minutes of that meeting.

Likewise, on 26 May 2015, the Parish Council “unanimously and very strongly” recommended rejection of the “identical” application. A story covered by Tom Wright in the Weston Mercury on 28 May (see below). This decision was communicated to NSC on 5 June.

Read our summary of the Highways Dept conclusion.






Bloor 2 and Hallam sites





The Council has told us that all objections to the original application cannot be considered for this new one – i.e. objections need to be re-submitted.

Please write as soon as possible to Lee Bowering (the relevant Planning Officer) to make your objection.

Make specific observations and draw on your own experience. See this example of a letter that specifically covers traffic and road safety concerns.

According to The Environment Agency…

the majority of this site lies within Flood Zone 1 (an area with a low probability of flooding). However, areas of the north and east part of the site are located in Flood Zone 3, an area classified as having a high risk of tidal flooding.

North End resident, Steven Hunter took this photo of the fields north of North End that would be vulnerable from surface water run off.

I took [this photo] in January after a couple of wet days. The water table in the winter is usually only a few inches beneath the surface at the end of our garden. The proposed Hallam site ludicrously includes plans for surface run-off to be directed into these fields. This type of flooding occurs 2-3 times per year on average in this location. My concern is primarily that the properties on North End Road will be at greater risk of flooding – as well as those on Ham Lane.


It’s also worth reading the Council’s (March 2015) refusal notice for land off Brinsea Road in Congresbury. Although Barratt Homes has (unsurprisingly) appealed, the grounds for refusal are equally applicable to the plans for Yatton.

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2 thoughts on “Hallam, land off Arnolds Way

  • For info – here is the objection I posted today to the new planning application:

    NSC’s Flood Risk Management team have prefaced their Formal comments with the following: “It is unclear as to why the applicant has submitted a duplicate application to application reference: 14/P//2017/O”. Please can you enter all of the objections to 14/P//2017/O under this duplicate application? It would save us all a lot of time. My personal objections are that the development of 170 additional homes will prove too great a burden on the schools, doctors’ surgery and roads. I feel it will fundamentally change the character of the village.

    I echo the general objections contained in Professor Sir David and Lady Jan Eastwood’s letter of objection to the original application which are:

    Very significant increase in volume of traffic with attendant dangers/pollution/noise…
    Very narrow pavements – Dangers for a dramatically increased number of pedestrians
    Narrow roads – dangers/congestion for vehicles and cyclists
    Planning application of 150 Homes which will abut the proposed Development already passed so very significant pressure on infrastructure and amenities o,f village
    Flood risk – North End Road has experienced long periods of severe flooding over the past few years
    Flood risk for proposed development
    Outside current settlement
    Proposed roundabout will not be able to manage volume of traffic
    Insufficient parking in village centre
    Insufficient places in primary school
    Health facilities in village will not be able to cope with increased demand
    Time period of planned development is 3 years which is an insufficient time to improve infrastructure and facilities, including education and health provision
    The proposed development will dramatically alter the character of the village
    The proposed development will add a further 170 homes to the existing planning permissions Which we understand will lead to the construction of 150 homes adjacent to Arnold’s Way And the 60 homes Which, we understand, may be built On the Oxford Instruments site.

    I don’t think I could word the objection any better so I fully endorse these objections.

  • To add to the Bloor development will introduce many new cars into an already inferior infrastructure. Education and health services are an expected norm for these new families …but they will not be available. Please do not extend Yatton any further .

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