8th May 2015

Bloor 1, land off Arnolds Way

Current status: Granted outline planning permission in July 2014; Reserved Matters application APPROVED on 21 October 2015. 

Planning application no. 14/P/0191/O and 15/P/1498/RM

29 May 2016

29 May 2016


  • Granted approval on 21 October 2015.
  • On 14 October NSC informed us that Bloor 1 would not be going back to P & R Committee. “Agreed with local member (Jill Iles??) that we will use officer delegated powers.”
  • This is just the first phase of a potentially much larger development – see phase 2.
Bloor 1 hoarding

These hoardings were erected on 30 Sept.

  • On 2 September, the Council’s Highways Dept commented on a number of concerns that it had with Bloor’s Reserved Matters application…

I recommend that the applicant be asked to provide further information/detail on matters I have raised above. Until such time as this information is received and subject to it satisfactorily meeting the requirements of Highways and Transport, I am unable to make a formal recommendation for approval.


  • North Somerset Council’s Planning & Regulatory Committee considered an application to build 150 houses on land off Arnolds Way on 9 July 2014. Bloor Homes was granted outline planning permission after a named vote:

For the Motion (18)
Bob Cook, Elfan Ap Rees (Deputy Leader), Peter Bryant, Jan Barber, Mary Blatchford, Mark Canniford, Peter Crew, Bob Garner, John Norton-Sealey, David Pasley, Dawn Payne, Lisa Pilgrim, Ian Porter, Terry Porter, David Poole, Arthur Terry, Clive Webb, Liz Wells;

no-voteAgainst the Motion (8)
Chris Blades, Andy Cole, Geoff Coombs, Cllr Jill Iles, Tom Leimdorfer, Robert Payne, David Shopland, Annabel Tall

Hugh Gregor, Richard Tucker

  • Annabel Tall wrote on her website…

At P&R (planning and regulatory committee) last night [9 July 2014], Bloor Homes were granted outline planning permission for the development at Arnolds Way. There were over two hours of debate, and Jill [Iles] and I both spoke at great length on your behalf. There was a named vote. We both voted against the proposal. The final vote was 18 [in favour] 8 [against], with 2 abstentions.



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2 thoughts on “Bloor 1, land off Arnolds Way

  • Yatton does not have the supporting infrastructure to cope with the latest housing application. The road network is currently logged jammed at commuter times …It can take 20ins to drive to the other end of the village due to bottlenecks .The parking around the station is always causing issues as commuters wish to avoid car park charges.To introduce this amount of further development will bring the village to its knees.Schooling and health care of obviously woefully inadequate. ….this is not a solution to the lack of housing …It will create an unpleasant place to live for both current and new residents.Surely the lessons learnt from the Bradley Stoke development in N Bristol should be learnt

  • Thanks to everyone who turned up to last night’s public meeting at Hangstones. I think the Parish Council rather underestimated the strength of feeling in the village, only providing 50 seats!
    What were they thinking? That only 50 people in a village the size of Yatton cared enough to attend a public meeting about 849 potential houses being built here.
    Please show you do care; by writing letters of objection to Bloor 2; filling in the Travel Survey; talking to your friends and neighbours. Tell them what is happening in Yatton and North Somerset. Only together can we make a difference.

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