1st April 2016

Parish Poll

North Somerset Council response – 13 Mayparish-poll-nst-04052016
North Somerset Times, 4 May 2016

This letter was sent to David Turner at NSC on 21 April.

NB David Turner has now left NSC but the letter has been forwarded onto his replacement, David Carter.

The Result:

YES 1,360 (98.62%)
NO 19 (1.38%)

Turnout 24.09%

Declaration of Result

North Somerset Times, 20 April 2016

You may or may not know that we called for a parish poll at the Annual Parish Meeting on 21st March. Overwhelming support at that meeting triggered a demand to The Elections Office at North Somerset Council (NSC) to make arrangements for the poll. Notice has been published that this will take place on Thursday 14th April.

This is not ideal, as it’s the second week of the school holidays, and many will be away from home. That much is out of our control. So it’s even more important to get the vote out!

What is a parish poll?
A parish poll is a (seldom used) democratic tool which allows for a ballot of local government electors in the parish to be called on any question arising at a parish meeting. Although non-binding, meaning that the results of the poll do not have to be followed by NSC, we are confident the poll will provide an indication of support, which will embarrass guide the Council into doing ‘a proper job’, and not abandon Yatton to the whims of developers.


When and where to vote
The Parish Poll will be run much like a local government or General Election… but with some important differences:

  • Voting will be in person. There is no provision for postal or proxy votes: a procedure that is out of date and may result in reduced participation… so if you’re here on the 14th, please make your vote count!
  • Polling Stations will open at 4:00pm and close at 9:00pm. Add to Google Calendar
  • There are no polling cards; just identify yourself by name to the Polling Clerk
  • We encourage you to vote YES to the question ;)
  • Please encourage your neighbours to cast their vote, too
  • After the count, the Returning Officer will announce the number of votes given for and against the question, and declare the question carried or lost as the case may be.

NSC will open four Polling Stations. You will need to vote where you would usually vote – with one exception:

    • Claverham Village Hall
    • Horsecastle Chapel
    • Yatton Village Hall
    • Yatton Library (for those who would normally vote at the Methodist Church).

leaflet-smNotice of Parish Poll


North Somerset Times, 6 April 2016