17th May 2015

Act Now!

What are the specific planning proposals I can object to at the moment?

Object to the Persimmon application for land off Moor Road.


How do I object?

Read this first: when a decision is made on a planning application, only certain issues are taken into account; these are often referred to as material planning considerations.


  • It only takes a few minutes
  • Navigate to the North Somerset Council website
  • Click on Search for an application
  • Type in the relevant ‘Application Number’ – e.g. 16/P/0888/F (these are quoted on the page for each named development where these are available).

By letter…

  • If you can, raise one point of objection in each letter
  • You need to quote the Planning Officer’s name (“Case Officer”)
  • Make reference to where the application fails to meet the policies set out in the North Somerset Core Strategy [PDF]. 
  • Keep your comments to the point – and avoid mention of emotive issues such as house price depreciation
  • If possible back up your statement with personal experience and/or a photo
  • We need to prove the developments are ‘unsustainable’
  • Photocopied objection letters will be discounted. It has to be your own words.
  • You can also email your objection letters to the Case Officer (Lee Bowering for Moor Road) and these will eventually get added to the to the online case file. Email: Lee.Bowering@n-somerset.gov.uk

Click on the thumbnail below to view an example objection letter. You may use this as a guide.



To whom should I write?

We are in regular touch with members of Yatton Parish Council. We attend relevant meetings to voice our concerns.

Yatton’s two Councillors – Jill Iles and Judith Hadley – often attend Parish Council meetings. Cllr Iles is also Vice-Chair of North Somerset Council’s Planning & Regulatory Committee.

Here is a list of councillors who sit on the P & R Committee.

Write to the North Somerset Times. The councillors who will decide these applications read the Letters page. You can email the paper at: nstimes@archant.co.uk and copy in the Editor, Tom Wright at: tom.wright@archant.co.uk

We also encourage you to write to Dr Liam Fox MP.

Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP
71 High Street
BS48 1AW
Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP
House of Commons

Dr Fox raised the issue in parliament when he secured an adjournment debate in December 2014…

Local villages around North Somerset are being subjected to developers attempting to grab large greenfield housing sites in the hope of being able to receive planning permission on appeal. Villages such as Yatton, Claverham and Backwell in my constituency, and Congresbury and Churchill in the constituency of my hon. Friend the Member for Weston-super-Mare (John Penrose) are under attack from speculative development. That is clearly at odds with, and undermines, the Government’s objective of a plan-led system.

North Somerset is not able to accommodate the scale of housing [proposed] without encroaching into flood zones, green belt, sites of special scientific interest or areas of outstanding natural beauty.


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  • You can also read helpful advice about how to submit comments relating to planning applications on the council website. Two pages that are particularly relevant are the ‘Before you start’ and ‘Consultation and notification about planning applications – FAQs’ pages. We suggest that you also read the advice provided on these pages before sending your comments. If you can’t find these pages try using the ‘Find information’ tool shown on the left side of the screen.

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