Leader of NSC put on the spot

I challenged Cllr Nigel Ashton (Leader of NSC) on John Darvall’s BBC Radio Bristol show earlier today.

Some of Cllr Ashton’s comments…

“It’s difficult for me to argue the Government’s view, because I don’t agree with it.”

“These additional houses are based on a society that had a deficit of infrastructure in the first place… and under the change in legislation developers can claim it is not viable for them to spend additional money on infrastructure needed for the new development, let alone the deficit we already¬†had…”

“A lot of developers have put in applications [in Yatton]. We can fight them… and we can turn them down and say it is too much on a town like Yatton, and we will do… but if it is overturned by an inspector we’ve still got the same problem in that we’ve got the houses there not coming with the infrastructure.”

“I have total sympathy for Yatton… I know Yatton well, and it is too much too soon without the infrastructure that it requires.”

Unfortunately, the phone-in format does not allow for supplementary questions. I had a long list.



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