“Stitched up by Whitehall” – Deputy Leader

Following the Government’s decision on the North Somerset ‘housing requirement’, the recriminations have flowed freely between a clearly very bitter Council Deputy Leader Elfan Ap Rees, and a Government Minister.

Shortly after North Somerset Council published Brandon Lewis’s letter on Wednesday, Elfan Ap Rees tweeted “stitched up by Whitehall!”.

The row escalated last night on Twitter, with these personal exchanges between Elfan Ap Rees and the Planning and Housing Minister.

Still going this morning…

4 thoughts on ““Stitched up by Whitehall” – Deputy Leader

  • Hurray for common sense and victory against all the local NIMBYS.

    Now let’s progress and build, don’t you realise to get the infrastructure that you desire you must first have the developments, nobody is going to just throw money at infrastructure without development.

    Barratts will win on appeal and that will cost the council a packet, as a result they will not wish to take on any more.

    Lesson learnt.

    • Dave – please read our manifesto. It’s pretty clear that we’re not anti-development; what is being proposed is grossly disproportionate. If by labelling us ‘NIMBYS’ you mean we want to protect the green fields and countryside around our village, then I for one plead ‘quilty’. We are against building new houses at any cost. It’s perfectly true that I first became aware of the scale of the plans currently on the table, by engaging with the proposal nearest to my home. I don’t think that’s at all surprising. What I think this website demonstrates is that we are being consistent. We are equally appalled with what is proposed on land off Stowey Road, and in Claverham… and Congresbury.

      There will be some new homes built. That is a good thing. There aren’t many of us who would question that.

      I think you’re wrong about ‘housing first, infrastructure second’. Yatton has expanded westwards in the last 20 years, with no real investment in infrastructure to speak of at all. Developers promise the earth to gain approval; then employ ‘viability consultants’ to get them out of what they committed to doing.

      But from your tone it doesn’t sound like I’ll be able to convince you otherwise.

  • Good for Elfan App Rees and Nigel. Great to hear we have support. They are right we have been stiched up by Whitehall.

    [Edited by Moderator]

    Elfan is right to say “this makes a mockery of neighbourhood plans and local decision making”. We need to kick this idiot Lewis out – and fast.

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